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Step:-1 Online homework software create school homework for the student. please click homework option and select create homework option now open create homework from the teacher creates home for student behalf on class and subject.
create homework
Step:-2 In Online homework software create homework for the student please select the class name, subject name, enter homework date and create home work question for the student.
homework date
Step :-3 You have to enter homework submission date . now click finish button and student homework create successfully.
homework list
Step :-4 Click homework list option then display all student home list . now you have to create new homework for student so select create homework option then create new homework for student .
homework detail
Step :-5 Click +button and you have to see student homework over view for example class name date of homework , homework description , homework submission date etc .
homework update
Step :-6 If in case you have to change student homework topic and detail so please click refresh button then open student previous homework entry .
homework updat entry
Step :-7 homework create form open and you have to change class name ,subject name , date of homework , and homework question now you have to click finish button student changes and update home successfully save .
remove homework
Step :-8 Now you have to delete student homework in homework list . please click cross button and student homework delete permanently from student homework list .
evaluate homework
Step :-9 Click homework evaluation now open evaluate homework list form . please select class name , subject name and duration then click get button and homework evaluate list open successfully .
evaluate homework list
Step :-10 Homework evaluate list show now you have to double click homework list and open student homework evaluation .
evaluate homework student
Step:-11 In homework evaluation now you have to select evaluation date and select student name and click +button student name ADD in completed homework list.
add student
Step:-12 If in case you have to remove student name in completed homework list please and click -button student name remove in completed homework list. student homework completed please click completed button and student homework not complete please click the uncompleted button.
view evaluate
Step:-13 You have to see homework evaluation report. click homework select homework evaluation report open view evaluation report form and select class name, subject name, and duration .then click get the button and open evaluate the report .
evaluation report list
Step:-14 Now you have to see last 7 days student homework evaluation report list.

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